2024 Mambo Baby Swim Trainer

Is your baby missing out on summer fun? Join the splash squad today!

🥰 No inflation required! 100% Air-Free & Leak-Proof

⛱️ UPF 50+ Sunshade Shields Baby From Harsh Sun

✨ New Anti-Flip Headrest + Detachable Tail for Extra Stability

🌸 Enhanced 5-point Safety Harness Keeps Baby Secure

🍃 Comfortable, Breathable & Lightweight

🏊🏼‍♀️ Supports 2 x Swimming Styles: Backstroke & Frontcrawl

Design: Classic Green


How Others Are Enjoying Their Mambo Baby Swim Trainer ❤️❤️❤️

Advantages of Baby Swimming

Introducing your little one to the water early - helps to enhance motor skills and physical development - while also sharing precious bonding moments with you.

💪 Improved Motor Skills

Develops baby's motor skills - building strength, coordination, and balance.

😎 Confidence and Independence

Early independence is vital for their self-esteem and future social interactions.

😌 Stress Reduction

Rhythmic movements in the water help to reduce stress and anxiety, promoting a healthy sense of well-being.

Two Swimming Positions

  • Backstroke (Suitable for 3-6 months old)
  • Frontcrawl (Suitable for 6-24 months old)

How to Place Baby on the Front & Back

UPF 50+ Sun protection

New Canopy Shields Baby From The Harsh Sun

It's safer to shield your baby from the sun rather than relying solely on sunscreen, especially considering baby's sensitive skin.

That's why the Mambo Baby Swim Trainer has a detachable UPF 50+ Sun Shade with meshed sides for extra breathability.

Without Shield

With Shield


Lightweight & Portable

Take it Everywhere

Using it in bathtubs first is an excellent way to help your baby feel comfortable and confident in the water before transitioning to the swimming pool.

Frequently Asked Questions