Mambo Baby Waterproof Speakers

Let Your Baby Enjoy Summer with Their Favorite Tunes and Sounds 🎶

✅Floating Bluetooth Speaker

✅Keep Your Baby Entertained on the Float with Their Favorite Music or Sounds

✅10m Wireless Bluetooth Transmission

✅360-Degree Surround Sound Experience

✅Long Lasting Battery Life

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Floating Bluetooth Speaker: Perfect for Poolside Fun and Water Adventures

This Bluetooth speaker is designed to float on water, making it perfect for poolside fun and water adventures. Enjoy your favorite music without worrying about it sinking, as it effortlessly stays afloat, providing a continuous and immersive audio experience. Whether you're in the pool, at the beach, or simply relaxing in the bath, this floating speaker ensures your tunes are always within reach.

Keep Your Baby Entertained on the Float with Their Favorite Music or Sounds

Keep your baby entertained on the float with their favorite music or sounds. Our innovative design allows you to easily add an audio feature, ensuring your little one enjoys a fun and engaging water experience. With the combination of safety, comfort, and entertainment, you and your baby can have a delightful time in the water together.

10m Wireless Bluetooth Transmission

Enjoy seamless connectivity with our float's 10m wireless Bluetooth transmission. Effortlessly stream your baby's favorite music or sounds from your device, ensuring continuous entertainment without the hassle of wires. This feature enhances the water fun experience, allowing you to keep your baby engaged and happy while you both enjoy safe and relaxing moments together.

360-Degree Surround Sound Experience

Immerse your baby in a captivating audio environment with our float's 360-degree surround sound experience. This innovative feature ensures that music and sounds are evenly distributed, creating an engaging and immersive atmosphere for your little one. With high-quality audio surrounding them, your baby can enjoy a richer, more enjoyable water experience while you relax knowing they're entertained and safe.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Enjoy uninterrupted entertainment with our floating Bluetooth speaker's long-lasting battery life. Designed to keep the fun going for hours, this speaker ensures you won't have to worry about frequent recharging. Whether you're hosting a pool party, spending a day at the beach, or enjoying a relaxing bath, the extended battery life guarantees continuous music and sound to enhance your experience. Perfect for babies too, this speaker provides soothing sounds or playful tunes to keep your little one entertained and happy. Stay immersed in your favorite tunes and create lasting memories with a speaker that’s as reliable as it is fun.